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Who am I ?

Education :

1981-1986 Strasbourg School of Decorative Art – France Higher National Diploma in Plastic Expression Weaving section – Textile expression
1979-1981 Training as Art Glazier With Ott Brothers – Cours du Corbeau in Strasbourg (67), France
1976-1978 Gymnasium Jean Sturm (Strasbourg, France) D Baccalaureate (Scientific A-Levels)

Work Experience :

February 1987 Rotary Club Exhibition in l’Ancienne Douane of Strasbourg
1988-1992 Set up of ECPS company in Saverne with my husband Administrative and Accounting tasks, Weaving workshops in prep schools.
1992-1999 Weaving creation and execution Administrative tasks with ECPS
1999-2006 Calligraphy workshops for children and adults with the Popular University in Saverne (67), France Had always practised calligraphy after received trainings with Mr. Guesnier at Strasbourg School of Decorative Art
2003-2004 Calligraphy workshops in Saverne’s library and Tourism Information office
2007-2008 Calligraphy and plastic art workshops in schools and village exhibitions
2008 Exhibition of my work in Saverne (67), France
2011-2012 Participation to the “Festival around the cross stich”, Kutzenhausen (67), France