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Coeur de Giroflée - Exécution


” … Pastoral eternity, singing lands … by Emile Eté … ” The whole nature penetrates the eye and the human being. This harmony with the plant world fills me to the point that it is essential to transpose on the wall –by weaving natural materials- the visual becoming touchable. It is an obligatory path from 2D: first glance at nature, to tactile 3D when gazing cuts through the field of vision depth. The pleasure of creating the cardboard model is very shortlived compared to the time it takes to dye and weave. Long-term work in an ivory tower in isolation. Sometimes the work remains classical in its execution with the weaver artist’s accuracy, sometimes the creative spirit leads the development to a very personal rendering and expression. Knowing the density through touch, the heat, the brightness, the sensuality of natural fibers: wool, hemp, flax, sisal, silk, in order to better master and achieve a symbiosis of man and nature with a deep respect. Decorative Arts School of Strasbourg – France Trained in the workshop of Mr Roger Martinot – from Les Gobelins – Paris 1986 – Higher National Diploma in Plastic Expression Weaving section – Textile expression